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The objective is to shoot arrow as close as possile to the inner circle which has a diameter of 12.2cm. The distance between the archers and the target is 70 cm.

Individual events

Both archers will shoot three arrows in each sets with the best scorer receiving two points. If drawn each player receives one point. The match would go on until one player gets six points.If the match was drawn after five sets, a single arrow shoot-off was held in which the closest arrow to the center of the target wins.

Team and mixed events are also held with set system.

In team event, each team set has six arrows and the team to receive five set points wins. If the match ends with a tie, each archer shoots on arrow and the team which has highest score wins.

Mixed events are conducted same as the team event with four arrows each set instead of six.

Athlete Event Ranking Record Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final/BM
Score Seed Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition)
Atanu Das Men's Individual 653 35 W 6-4
(Deng Yu- Cheng - Chinese Taipei)
W 6-5
(Oh Jin-Hyek - South Korea)
L 4-6
(Takaharu Furukawa - Japan)
Did not advance
Tarundeep Rai 656 31 W 6-4
(Oleksii Hunbin - Ukraine)
L 5-6
(Itay Shanny - Israel)
Did not advance
Pravin Jadhav 652 37 W 6-0
(Galsan Bazarzhapov - Russia)
L 0-6
(Brady Ellison - USA)
Atanu Das Men's Team 1961 9 N/A W 6-2
L 0-6
(South Korea)
Did not advance
Pravin Jadhav
Tarundeep Rai
Deepika Kumari Women's Individual 663 9 W 6-0
(Karma - Bhutan)
W 6-4
(Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez - USA)
W 6-5
(Ksenia Perova - Russia)
L 0-6
(An San - South Korea)
Pravin Jadhav Mixed Team 1319 9 N/A W 5-3
(Chinese Taipei)
L 2-6
( South Korea)
Deepika Kumari

Men's 400m Hurdles involves athletes crossing obstacles successfully

4x400 Mixed Relay

Two men and two women participate in the event. The events start with heats and the fastest team will reach semifinals and finals.

Men's 20k race walk

Athletes must stay in contact with the ground all through the 20 kilometer race. Competed as road race,the athletes' supporting leg should stay straight till the raised leg passes it.

30000m steeplechase

The athletes has to jump over barriers placed at five points around the track. The height of these obstacles is fixed at 36 inches (91.4cm) for men. The events start with heats and the fastest athlete will reach semifinals and finals.

Women's 20k race walk

Athletes must stay in contact with the ground all through the 20 kilometer race. Competed as road race,the athletes' supporting leg should stay straight till the raised leg passes it.

Men throw the javelin or spear with 2.6 to 2.7 m of the length and the athlete with the longest legal throw progresses further. The throw is considered legal only if the tip of the javelin touches the ground before any other part. The distance is measures from the throwing arc to the point where the tip touched the ground. Twelve competitors will qualify to the final and the athlete that manages the longest legal throw in the final wins.

The athletes who makes the longest jump from a wooden board qualifies further and in the end one who makes the longest leap is declared winner. If the athlete leaps by placing a foot past the foul line is declared a foul jump and the distance is not recorded.

In Shot Put, the athletes’ goal is to put the shot, which weighs 7.26kg/16lb for men as far as possible using one hand from a circle with the diameter 2.135 diameter that also has a toe board . The athlete should not the leave the circle or touch the toe board during the competition.

Athletes have to throw a disc called discus standing inside a circle with a diameter of 2.5 m and the one that reaches the farther distance progresses further in the competition. Athletes are not permitted to touch the top rim and if the players leave the circle it will be considered as foul throw. Each athlete is given 8 chances.

Athlete Event Qualification Final
Distance Position Distance Position
M.P Jabir Men's 400m Hurdles 50.77 33 Did not advance
Muhammed Anas Men's 4x400m Relay 3:00:25 9 Did not advance
Noah Nirmal Tom
Naganathan Pandi
Amoj Jacob
Arokia Rajiv
Sarthak Bhambri 4x400m Mixed Relay 3:19.93 15 Did not advance
Alex Antony
Subha Venkatesan
Revathi Veeramani
Dhanalakshmi Sekaran
Sandeep Kumar Men's 20KM Race Walk Did not advance 1:25.07 23
Rahul Rohila 1:32.06 47
Irfan Kolothum Thodi 1:34.31 51
Gurpreet Singh Men's 50km Walk Did Not Finish
Avinash Sable Men's 3000M Steeplechase 8:18.12 13 Did not advance
Dutee Chand Women's 100m 11.54 45
Dutee Chand Women's 200m 23.85 38
Priyanka Goswami Women's 20 km Race Walk N/A 1:32:36 17
Bhavna Jat 1:37:38 32
Neeraj Chopra Men's Javelin Throw 86.65 m 1 87.58 1
Shivpal Singh 76.4 m 27 Did not advance
Annu Rani Women's Javelin Throw 54.04 m 29
Murali Sreeshankar Men's Long Jump 7.69 m 25
Tajindarpal Singh Toor Men's Shot Put 19.99 m 24
Kamalpreet Kaur Women's Discus Throw 64 m 2 63.7 6
Seema Punia 60.57 m 16 Did not advance

A match has three games and the player or team that wins two out of the three games wins the match. The first player or team that reaches 21 points wins the game. If the games gets tied up with 20-all the match continues until a side gains two- point lead. If the score gets 29-all, the player or team that reaches 30 wins the game.

Athlete Event Group Stage Elimination Quarterfinals Semifinals Final/BM
Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Rank Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition)
Sai B Praneeth Men's Singles L 0-2
(Misha Zilberman - Israel)
L 0-2
(Mark Caljouw - Netherlands)
N/A 3 Did not advance
Satwiksairaj Rankireddy Men's Doubles W 2-1
(Chinese Taipei)
L 0-2
W 2-0
Chirag Shetty
PV Sindhu Women's Singles W 2-0
(Ksenia Polikarpova - Israel)
W 2-0
(Ngan Yi Cheung - Hong Kong)
N/A 1 W 2-0
(Mia Blichfeldt - Denmark)
W 2-0
(Akane Yamaguchi - Japan)
L 0-2
(T.Y.Tai - Taipei)
W 2-0
(He Bing Jiao - China)

A boxer scores everytime he/she lands a successful hit in the head and torso. They are prohibited from hitting below the belt or in the back of the head. An bout consists of three round of three minutes each. The winner that wins each bout progresses and the boxer winning the finals wins gold.

Athlete Event Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final/BM
Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Rank
Amit Panghal Men's 52kg-Flyweight Bye L 1-4
(Yurberjen Herney - Colombia)
Did not advance 9
Manish Kaushik Men's 63kg-Lightweight L 1-4
(Luke McCormack - Great Britain)
Did not advance 17
Vikas Krishan Men's 69kg-Welterweight L 0-5
(Quincy Okazawa - Japan)
Ashish Kumar Men's 75kg-Middleweight L 0-5
(Erbieke Tuoheta - China)
Satish Kumar Men's+91kg-Super Heavyweight Bye W 4-1
(Ricardo Brown - Jamaica)
L 0-5
(Bakhodir Jalolov - Uzbekistan)
Did not advance 5
Mary Kom Women's 51kg-Flyweight W 4-1
(Miguelina Hernandez - Dominican Republic)
L 2-3
(Ingrit Valencia - Colombia)
Did not advance 9
Simranjit Kaur Women's 60kg-Lightweight Bye L 0-5
(Sudaporn Seesondee - Thailand)
Lovlina Borgohain Women's 69kg-Welterweight Bye W 3-2
(Nadine Apetz - Germany)
W 4-1
(Nien Chin Chen - Chinese Taipei)
L 0-5
(Li Qian - China)
Did not advance 3
Pooja Rani Women's 75kg-Middleweight N/A W 5-0
(Ichrak Chaib - Algeria)
L 0-5
(Li Qian - China)
Did not advance 5

Eventing consists of stadium jumping, dressage and cross country jumps. The horse has to be 9 years old to compete. In Stadium Jumping the horses and riders makes a course of jumps without faults withing the given time. In Dressage, points are given based on obedience, suppleness, accuracy, attitude, and how well one rides.The rider and horse rides at different gaints inside the dressage rings. In Cross Country jumping, the horse and rider are required to ride over a course with obstacles and are tested for speed, endurance and jumping ability.

Athlete Horse Event Dressage Cross Country Qualifier Final Total
Penalties Rank Penalties Total Rank Penalties Total Rank Penalties Total Rank Penalties Rank
Fouaad Mirza Seigneur Individual 28 9 11.20 39.20 22 8 47.2 25 12.4 59.6 23 59.6 23

Women's Sabre

Two periods are held with a break when the first fencer reaches eight points. The first fencer to reach 15 points or has the most points is declared winner. The target area for sabre is the torso, head and the arms. Electrical scoring systems are used and it also features rule of priority.

Athlete Event Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final/BM
Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition)
Bhavani Devi Women's sabre W 15-3
(Nadia Ben Azizi - Tunisia)
L 7-15
(Manon Brunet - France)
Did not advance

Olympic Golf follows Stroke play format where the players play 18 holes of the same course for four times. The player who has the least number of strokes at the end of the fourth round wins.

Athlete Event Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total
Score Score Score Score Score Par Rank
Anirban Lahiri Men's Individual 67 72 68 72 279 -5 42
Udayan Mane 76 69 70 72 287 3 56
Aditi Ashok Women's Individual 67 66 68 68 269 -15 4
Diksha Dagar 76 72 72 70 290 6 T50

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

It has a variant of 4 competition, Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance beam, Floor exercise. Vault with height at 125, 95cm surface width and 120cm long whcih is used by the gymnast for their launch. Uneven bars - one at 2.5m above grounds and the second at 1.7m flexed between 1.3 and 1.8 m. Balance beam - 10cm wide bar with 5m in length and 1.25m above the ground. Floor exercise - 90 second routine. Athletes must compete from same levels in all events. If an athlete's performance crosses the time limit, 0.1 points of penalty must be paid.

Athlete Event Qualification Final
Apparatus Total Rank Apparatus Total Rank
Pranati Nayak Women's Artistic Gymnastics 13.466 9.033 9.433 10.6333 42.565 79 Did not advance

Each team had 11 players who play for four quarters of 15 minutes with two minutes interval between each quarter. The team that scores most goals wins the match.

Team Event Group Stage Quarterfinals Semifinals Medal Match
Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Rank Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Rank
India Men's W 3-2
New Zealand
L 1-7
W 3-0
W 3-1
W 5-3
2 W 3-1
Great Britain
L 2-5
W 4-3
Women's L 1-5
L 0-2
L 1-4
Great Britain
W 1-0
W 4-3
South Africa
2 W 1-0
L 1-2
L 3-4
Great Britain

Judokas compete in seven weight categories. The matches will be held for four minutes during which many round will be conducted. Judoko who scores an ippon, score two waza-aris are ideal ways to wins the round.

Athlete Event Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final/BM
Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Score (Opposition) Rank
Sushila Likmabam Women's 48kg L 0-1
(Eva Csernoviczki - Hungary)
Did not advance

The boat that reaches the finish line first will be declared the winner.

Lightweight Double Sculls

Each male competitors' weight should not exceed 72.5 kilos while the average weight should not exceed 70 kilos. For females, individual weight cannot exceed 59 kilos and the average should not exceed 57 kilos.

Athlete Event Heats Repechage Repechage Final/BM
Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank
Arjun Lal Men's Lightweight Double Sculls 6:40.33 5 6.51.36 3 6:24.41 6 6:29.66 11
Arvind Singh

Timings of the Participant crossing the finish line in decides the winner of this sport. The series of races will have the one finishing first one point and finishing second will have two. Sailing is a sport of winning by scoring low points. The finals which is called as the medal race will have the points doubled according to the position of the sailors.


49er - Skiff (Men)

Laser Radial - One Person Dinghy (Women)

Laser - One Person Dinghy (Men)

Athlete Event Race Net Points Final Rank
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 M*
Vishnu Saravanan Men's Laser 14 20 24 23 22 12 27 23 3 15 N/A EL 156 20
K.C. Ganapathy Men's 49er 18 18 17 19 14 5 17 11 15 16 9 14 EL 154 17
Varun Thakkar
Nethra Kumanan Women's Laser Radial 33 16 15 40 32 38 22 20 37 38 N/A EL 251 35

The participants take target with different distances like 10m, 25m and 50m. Shotguns, rifles and pistols are used in the sport.

10m air rifle and air pistol

The air pistol competition takes place with the shooter placed at a distance of 10 metres from the target. The qualification shots are 60 which needs to be completed in 75 minutes and the those with top scores qualifies for the final. Final takes place with the top eight scorers with 24 competition shots each. The shooter must handle the pistol with one hand alone with no support in a standing position.

Air rifle contest too functions with the 60 shots qualifier and 24 shots final. The limitations with the hand position in the pistol competition is not applicable to the air rifle competition.

25m Pistol

The women-only competition will have the 60 competition shots split evenly between precision shooting and rapid shooting. The eight finalists will have five shots each for four additional rapid-fire stage.

50m Rifle men and women

This competition takes place with the shooters in three positions, kneeling, prone and standing. 40 competition shots of three rounds (for three positions) are taken into account to decide the finalists. The finals will have 45 competition shots divided by three, after 10 of the 15 shoots from the standing stage (last one) are done the two bottom scores will be eliminated with the final five shots taken by the others decides the winner. For women the qualifiers are simplified with 20 shots per each position, while the other rules are similar with the men.


This kind of shooting competition involves a shooter aiming at a moving target, a target launched from different heights. A series of five rounds with 25 shots each decides the finalists. Finals will have the targets with different colours.

Athlete Event Qualification Final
Points Rank Points Rank
Divyansh Singh Panwar Men's 10m Air Rifle 622.8 32 DNQ
Deepak Kumar 624.7 26 DNQ
Apurvi Chandela Women's 10m Air Rifle 621.9 36 DNQ
Elavenil Valarivan 626.5 16 DNQ
Saurabh Chaudhary Men's 10m Air Pistol 586 1 137.4 7
Abhishek Verma 575 17 DNQ
Manu Bhaker Women's 10m Air Pistol 575 12 DNQ
Yashaswini Singh Deswal 574 13 DNQ
Sanjeev Rajput Men's 50m Rifle 3 Position 1157 32 DNQ
Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar 1167 21 DNQ
Anjum Moudgil Women's 50m Rifle 3 Position 1167 15 DNQ
Tejaswini Sawant 1154 33 DNQ
Manu Bhaker Women's 25m Pistol 582 15 DNQ
Rahi Sarnobat 573 32 DNQ
Angad Bajwa Men's Skeet 120 18 DNQ
Mairaj Ahmad Khan 117 25 DNQ
Divyansh Singh Panwar Mixed Team 10m Air Rifle 313.3 12 DNQ
Elavenil Valarivan 313.2 12 DNQ
Deepak Kumar 314.2 18 DNQ
Anjum Moudgil 311.4 18 DNQ
Saurabh Chaudhary Mixed Team 10m Air Pistol 194 7 DNQ
Manu Bhaker 186 7 DNQ
Abhishek Verma 283 17 DNQ
Yashaswini Singh Deswal 281 17 DNQ

Swimming has the swimmers cover the given distance in fastest time with a given stroke with exception to freestyle.


Swimmers need to compete lying on their backs and slide across the water surface.

Butterfly stroke

The swimmers need to resemble a butterfly's movement by moving their arms symmetrically with a simultaneous leg kick.

Athlete Event Heats Semifinals Final
Time Rank Time Rank Time Rank
Srihari Nataraj Men's 100m Backstroke 54.31 27 Did not advance
Sajan Prakash Men's 200m Butterfly 1:57.22 24
Sajan Prakash Men's 200m Butterfly 53.45 2
Maana Patel Women's 100m Backstroke 1:05.20 39

The match begins with a toss to decide who serves first and who stands in which side of the table. The match-winner is decided by the best-of-seven-games format. One who scores 11 points first will be the winner of the game. In case of a 10-10 tie, the game is decided by a two-point lead.


Other than winning by the best-of-five-games format and partners sharing serves, doubles and singles do not differ much.

Athlete Event Preliminary Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final/BM
Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Rank
Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Men's Singles Bye L 3-4
(Siu Hang Lam - Hong Kong)
Did not advance
Achanta Sharath Kamal Bye W 4-2
(Tiago Apolonia - Portugal)
L 1-4
(Ma Long - China)
Did not advance
Manika Batra Women's Singles Bye W 4-0
(Tin Tin-Ho - Great Britain)
W 4-3
(Margaryta Pesotska - Ukraine)
L 0-4
(Sofia Polcanova - Austria)
Sutirtha Mukherjee W 4-3
(Linda Bergstroem - Sweden)
W 4-2
(Tiago Apolonia - Portugal)
Did not advance
Achanta Sharath Kamal Mixed Doubles N/A L 0-4
Chinese Taipei
Did not advance
Manika Batra


A coin toss decides who serves and who receives. A game is won by scoring four points. The game is played in the best-of-three-sets format. The first player to win six games with a two-point advantage wins the set. In the occurence of a 5-5, a player wins by two-point advantage and in the event of a 6-6 situation, a tie-breaker decides the winner.

Classification of points in Tennis lingo

zero - love

one - 15

two - 30

three - 40

Athlete Event Round of 64 Round of 32 Round 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final/BM
Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Rank
Sania Mirza Women's Doubles N/A L 1-2
Did not advance
Ankita Raina
Sumit Nagal Men's Singles W 2-0
(Dennis Istomin - Uzbekistan)
L 0-2
(Daniil Mededev- Russia)


There are two rounds the snatch and the clean and jerk. With three attempts in each round. Snatch is a plain and continuous lift with unshaky arms and in-line feet. Failing in any of their three attempts in a snatch will result in the elimination of the lifter, he/she cannot proceed for the clean and jerk round. The clean and jerk focusses on various body movements to consider a valid lift. The clean is when the lifter brings the barbell to his/her chest and jerk is when the lifter has to lift the barbell over the head with steady arms and with feet in line. If the lifter drops the barbell before the signal, the lift becomes invalid.

Athlete Event Snatch Clean & Jerk Total Rank
Result Rank Result Rank
Mirabai Chanu Women's 49 Kg 87 2 115 2 202 2

Two rounds of three minutes is the duration of a wrestling match. The wrestler scoring maximum points will be declared the winner of the bout. However, if a wrestler has an eight-point advantage over his opponent the match need not extend any further. Points for both Greco Roman and Freestyle wrestling is the same. One point for pushing opponent out of the circle mat; two for a takedown with the opponent's back on the mat; four for throwing a standing opponent and five for a throw with a great amplitude.

Greco Roman

This style of wrestling involves a lot of upper body strength and balance. Maneuvering with legs and tripping the opponent using legs is not legal.


Like the name suggests, Freestyle wrestling has no restrictions placed on Greco Roman.

Athlete Event Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Repechage Final/BM
Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Result (Opposition) Rank
Ravi Kumar Dahiya Men's 57kg W 13-2
(Oscar Eduardo - Colombia)
W 14-4
(Georgi Vangelov - Bulgaria)
L 7-9
(Nurislam Sanayev - Kazakistan)
N/A L 4-7
(Zavur Uguev - Russia)
Bajrang Punia Men's 65kg W 3-3
(Ernazar Akmataliev- Kyrgyzstan)
W 2-1
(Ghiasi Cheka Morteza- Iran)
L 5-12
( Haji Aliyev- Azerbaijan)
N/A W 8-0
(Daulet Niyazbekov - Kazakhstan)
Deepak Punia Men's 86kg W 12-1
(Ekerekeme Agiomor - Nigeria)
W 6-3
(Zushen Lin - China)
L 0-10
(David Taylor - USA)
Bye L 2-4
(Myles Nazem Amine - San Marino)
Seema Bisla Women's 50kg L 1-3
(Sarra Hamdi - Tunisia)
Vinesh Phogat Women's 53kg W 7-1
(Sofia Magdelina Mattsson- Sweden)
L 3-9
(Vanesa Kaladzinskaya- Belarus)
Did not advance
Anshu Malik Women's 57kg L 2-8
(Iryna Kurachkina - Belarus)
Did not advance L 1-5
(Valeria Koblova- Russia)
Sonam Malik Women's 62kg L 2-2
(Khurelkhuuglin Bolortuyaa - Mongolia)
Did not advance
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